Watercrafts and On Water Vessels

∙All Watercrafts and On-Water Vessels must be registered with the association and proper decals always displayed. 

∙Owners cannot have more than two Watercrafts or On-Water vessels per property/dock without written ARC approval.

∙Lake front property owners may have a maximum of two watercrafts per property/dock in contact with the water overnight.

∙Gasoline powered Watercrafts or On-Water Vessels are strictly prohibited.

∙Pontoon boats are permitted with a maximum allowable length of twenty feet and a maximum allowable surface area of 160sf.

∙All Watercrafts and On-Water Vessels must remain operable as originally intended.

∙All Watercrafts and On-Water Vessels must be maintained in keeping with community standards.

∙All Watercrafts and On-Water Vessels cannot extend beyond twenty feet from the shoreline.

∙All Watercrafts and On-Water Vessels should be covered when not in use.


Golf Cart/ Boat / Kayak / Canoe / Watercraft Registration

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  • Owner Information

  • Golf Cart Policy

    Golf carts/paved trails are the only type of motorized vehicles allowed on the golf cart paths. Golf carts shall not be operated on Community streets where there are adjacent golf cart paths and shall be parked out of view from the golf course, all neighbors, and streets. All golf carts must be registered with the Community and properly insured. Note that state law requires all golf cart operators to hold a valid Class C or higher driver’s license. Ownership of a golf cart in the Community is a privilege. Reckless or other unlawful, unsafe, or improper operation of a golf cart may result in revocation of that privilege and a fine at the discretion of the Board. (Supplement to the Declaration of Protective Covenants, page 11.)